Scan & Go

Proper implementation of Scan & Go is a tough nut to crack. And that’s where 4MAX’s industry-leading Scan & Go solution stands out from the competition.

We help retail businesses implement their Scan & Go service in the most effective way possible to increase user engagement and improve workflow efficiency. Our team can show retailers how and when to launch their Scan & Go functionality in addition to how to make it stick over the years.

Here’s what we have to offer:

  • The necessary know-how.
  • A stable, proven core.
  • Smartphone and/or scanners.
  • Online/offline/semi-online.
  • Integration middleware to talk to your systems easily.
  • Shopping lists, allergens, detailed product info.
  • Mobile payments.
  • Navigation (based on our own tech or on Signify).
  • Comprehensive security (real-time monitoring, trust levels, partial/full re-scans, weight-based checks, small mistake tolerance, exit checkpoints, variable end-of-trip codes, event sounds, exit gates, scanner theft protection, advanced AI-based fraudulent behavior detection).
  • Unobtrusive product recommendation engine.
  • And a team that will do everything on Earth to make the project a success.

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We solve problems in retail using a combination of software and hardware.

We are doers, not talkers.


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